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Below you will find an idea of the upgrades we can facilitate! If an item or service you're interested in is not listed, please reach out! We are here to help!

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Upgraded Electrical Systems

We work hand and hand with the best local companies! If an instilation of a solar system requires electrical system upgrades we have you covered!

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Electric Appliances

Converting gas appliances to electric can bring you massive annual savings! Ask us for more information on our appliance servies!

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Heat Pumps

An instillation of a heat pump system can maximally optimize the production of your solar energy while dramatically lowering your gas usage!

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Pools & Spas

From electrical support to spa installs, we can help make your dream backyard become a reality! Ask us more on leisure services!

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Baseboard Heaters

Similar to heat pumps, baseboard heaters use electricity to produce "free" heat! Ask us more about electrical heating solutions! 



Just because a service you're looking for is not displayed, does not mean we can't help or refer you to someone who can!  

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